Successful branding

requires a holistic


To attract customers with a unique brand promise and deliver an on-brand experience, we offer a whole suite of services for building a brand your customers can trust.

Brand Creation

We carry out a comprehensive and robust audit (organization, market, communications) to analyze challenges and opportunities, and develop a strategy that would drives preference for your brand.


The key components:

Organizational audit

An internal audit spanning across every inch of your company’s capabilities, core competencies & weaknesses, values & ideals to deliver a brand promise that speaks your truth.

Market study

An in-depth understanding of target customer needs, preferences and drivers of behavior with a need-gap analysis and a thorough study of the competitive landscape.

Communications Audit

A comprehensive review of key online and offline collaterals to evaluate the effectiveness of current content, style and aesthetics in meeting end-users'' information needs.

The key outcomes:

  • Brand positioning strategy

  • Brand look & feel

  • Communications strategy

Brand Visualization

We capture the essence of your brand persona and depict it, using apt colors, shapes and fonts that best tell your story. Every element in your visual toolkit should reflect your brand promise in an engaging and personified manner.


The key components:

Logo & Visual Identity

We design core visual elements to express the brand's essence:  logo design, color palette, font, imagery, tone of voice, etc. These elements define how your brand should communicate.

Collateral Design

We apply brand visual elements to design a consistent and engaging set of marketing materials to communicate a core brand message and help customers make purchase decisions.

Online Branding

We tell your brand story, leveraging the full potential of latest technical tools to generate customer traction, engagement and conversion.

The key outcomes:

  • Brand Guidelines

  • Logo, Corporate and Marcom collaterals

  • Packaging and Retail design

  • Website Design

  • App and Instagram inspiration

Brand Alignment

We deliver a customized brand activation roadmap for employees and other key stakeholders so that they understand their roles in offering an on-brand experience across all touch points.


The key components:

ICE -  Inform, Create, Embed

We bring the core brand values to life by aligning your employees, processes and partners so as to deliver the desired customer experience across all touch points.

Employee/stakeholder training

Upskilling and empowering leaders of each functional team to lead the way and support their respective teams to live core brand values.

The key outcomes:

  • Transformed customer journey

  • Capabilities and culture alignment