Strategy-led branding

to solve real business


A specialist brand consultancy  
with over two decades of experience,
building successful brands in Asia.

Brands are like friends:
While there are many, only a few truly matter. We want your brand to be the ONE that matters for your customer.

In the era of e-commerce,
we’ve lost touch with what lies at the heart of a business-customer relationship: the MAGIC OF CONNECTION!

Incrementum is all about rekindling that magic — listening to diverse voices, empathizing with them, and
responding with ingenuity.

Our philosophy : Building brands holistically

Most people think that branding to expand the customer base, happens through 'external' communication of the brand promise.

But at Incrementum, we know that branding equally involves 'internal' communications and alignment in order to deliver to the brand promise.

This is why we think of branding as :

Defining a clear and inspiring business vision and shared goals;

Developing a unique and compelling brand promise and visual identity;

Uniting the employees to deliver on-brand customer experience across all key touch-points; and

Promoting a collaborative and innovative organizational culture.

Our mission


Help build a lasting connection with your customers and generate sustainable growth.


Ensure your stakeholders emerge with a clear sense of mission and motivation to deliver on the brand promise.

The brand strategy and advertising campaign that Anjali designed hit the mark with our customers and very soon we established ourselves as the clear  market leader in Indonesia. Anjali’s inputs were a big part of our success and we would recommend her to any one who needs branding services.

Michelle Sassoon :

COO, The Time Place

Anjali, thank you so much for your support throughout the year. We have benefitted greatly from your gentle and expert guidance.

Corinna Lim :

Executive Director, AWARE

It was wonderful working with Anjali this year. Her interviews with  industry participants were able to reveal insights that allowed us to generate a differentiated value proposition that her team was then able to design in and articulate eloquently in all of our collaterals - thank you!

Rajneesh Batlaw :

Asia Head, Milliken Asia Pte Ltd