solutions for unique

Asian challenges

We combine strategy and design to harness the power of brand. Core expertise lies in instilling stakeholder ownership and commitment to unite the organization behind the new brand vision.


Industrial B2B

We helped our client differentiate itself vis-a-vis established competitors on the basis of its unique value proposition for end-users. Key collaterals, tagline and website were redesigned to communicate the new messaging and brand personality to establish Westex as the industry leader.

HMI Group

Health Care

We helped our client to identify its three intrinsic organisational strengths - Compassion, Competency and Collaboration - to win its patients' hearts and minds.


Food and Beverage

We created an overarching master brand strategy  and unique visual architecture to harmonize and unify its portfolio of eight product brands, which significantly enhanced its marketing impact and delivered marketing synergies.

The Time Place

Luxury Retail

We crafted a compelling brand strategy, as well as designed and executed an advertising campaign — "Appreciate the Finer Things in Life " — that continues to run even today. It is a testimony to the efficacy of the brand we created more than a decade ago!

Eu Yan Sang


We delivered a brand strategy to attract new younger customers, while strengthening bonds with loyal traditional Chinese customers in 2013-14. An organization-wide study was conducted to create a conducive climate to facilitate the proposed change.



We delivered compelling brand positioning, a new brand identity and a portfolio architecture that unified three retail brands (200 stores) catering to luxury, premium and mass market segments in China and Hong Kong. Revamping the brand contributed to a successful IPO.